Kiviõli Motofestival 2017 | FUN PARK
Kiviõli Motofestival 2017


Enjoy our brand new Fun Park for the whole family we are going to open week before the motocross festival

Auto24 Mountain Cars

At the only mountain car track in the Baltics, we will pull you uphill with a ski lift, so that you can descend on the asphalt covered track on the side of the hill, powered by nothing but gravity. High-precision timing system enables you to compete with your friends.

Fire Fighting Academy

An adventure for the entire family. Includes a drive to the sight of the fire and the extinguishing of "burning" houses.

Exciting Mining

"Oil-shale" mining along with six real excavators. Suitable for children aged 2 and older, together with parents. Children 7 and older can enjoy the attraction on their own.

Zip Line

The longest and fastest zip line in the Baltics is an adrenaline-filled attraction. The line runs from a tower on top of the hill over the 600-metre cable, where the maximum speed can reach as high as 80 km/h.

Buggy Trail

Exciting trail for 2-seat buggies, with a parent behind the wheel and a map reader sitting next to them who is at least 3 years old.

Adventure park

Little ones can have fun in lower part of the installment. Park is installed to the poles that reach to 12 m height from the ground, so you can enjoy beautiful views to the ash hill while climbing around and all your friends can cheer up to you while you are moving between earth and sky.

Sportland bikepark

In cooperation with Sportland we will open a unique bikepark in Estonia. It consists of an asphalt pumptrack, two freeride trails and downhillPRO tracks. Exciting rides on pumptrack can be enjoyed with push bikes, bicycles, skateboards or inline skates along the wavy asphalt track.

Electric Boats

An adventure for the entire family in 4-seat electric motor boats among the islands of the artificial pond.


A playground next to the main building cafe is meant for the smallest visitors, designed on and around a wooden Snow-Cat. For kids ages 4-10 a number of exciting activities take place in and around the 21 seat passenger airplane, which is also one of the most prominent objects at the park.

Traffic Campus

Anyone who is uncertain when it comes to moving about in traffic is invited to visit the track, comprised of a separate area for small children and a large campus.

Summer Tubing

Located across from the cafe. Ride up on an escalator lift and come down along an exciting plastic track. Suitable for big and small alike.

Disc Golf Park

Long open throwing areas, precise forest corridors and a big difference in height offer challenges on the artificial hill to players of all ages, to amateurs as well as those who are more advanced.