Kiviõli Motofestival 2017


The Kiviõli motocross track is located to the north of the town of Kiviõli, at the foot of a 90-metre man-made hill where a sports and adventure tourism centre, unique to Europe, opened in 2013.

GPS coordinates: GPS: 59.366187, 26.953395



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EU support.

Kiviõli Motofestival is supported by European Regional Developement Fund with 40 000 €. ERDF support is used for international marketing activities, for advertising and introducing Estonia and East-Virumaa as desired travel destination.


Why is Narva, this beautiful border town, so special? Regardless of whether one visits the town in early spring, summer, autumn or winter, Narva always offers something special and unique. As in the past, Narva remains a melting pot for nations, periods and cultures, old and new. This is what makes the town so special. The 13th century castle, a beautiful baroque Town Hall, the best preserved system of historic defence building (bastions) in Europe, once Europe’s largest and excellent example of British industrial architecture – Krehnolm Manufacture complex, and much, much more.


The rich history of Pärnu and the joyful daily life offer something for everyone. The coast full of islets, pine dune forests and natural sand beaches, vibrant fishing culture, and bogs and indigenous forests is waiting for the curious-minded. There are lovely (fishing) villages, churches, manor complexes, museums, and valuable wildlife everywhere.


Tartu is a university town and a city of youth! The time-honoured university, museum-rich and Hanseatic city of Tartu lies on the banks of the River Emajõgi. The capital of southern Estonia is the second largest city in the country ( but the largest in terms of student population!) and the oldest in the Baltic States. Tartu is a modern city with a rich historical heritage and culture.


Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia and a perfect holiday destination if you want to combine the comforts of modern world, versatile nightlife and luxurious adventures with rich cultural scene in the local historical setting. First established in the early medieval era, today’s Tallinn is an exciting mix of old and new.