Kiviõli Motofestival 2017


Enjoy and join in with the funniest actions on site. presents:
street bikes’ hill-climb race

On the night of 18th of August, a unique uphill race of street bikes will take place on the mountain car track. There are two competition classes: Cruisers and choppers without a weight limit, classic street bikes, and enduro-type bikes with a registered mass of at least 180 kg. The competitors start individually. The race is timed, each contestant has two attempts. This will reveal who is the best biker in Estonia. Info and registration:

Downhill race with
DIY vehicles

On the night of 18th of August, a downhill race of DIY mountain vehicles will take place at the party tent. The competition will be held between non-motorised four-wheel vehicles on a self-made base, driven by colourful and fun-loving teams. Registration:

Fun games for spectators

We offer different fun games and prize drawing games for specators. Our infamous banner run (pictured above) is one of the most popular and waited one. More info on site from the event host.

Zip line rides

The longest and fastest zip line in the Baltics is an adrenaline-filled attraction. The line runs from a tower on top of the hill over the 600-metre cable, where the maximum speed can reach as high as 80 km/h. Price: 20€/ride.

Sky-Jump trampolines

Flying and free falling is something that every kid would like to experience! Go ahead and skyrocket 7-8m up to the sky on one of the Sky-Jump trampolines in Kiviõli.

Adventure park

Freshly opened adventure climbing park offers exiting action for everyone starting from as young as 4 years old. Little ones can have fun in lower part of the installment. Park is installed to the poles that reach to 12 m height from the ground, so you can enjoy beautiful views to the ash hill while climbing around and all your friends can cheer up to you while you are moving between earth and sky.

Merchandise street

Fan goods and gift shop street will be set up on Friday next to the party tent and for Saturday/Sunday you will find it from the Motocross centre side.

Children’s ATV rides

There are children’s ATVs by the ski lifts, waiting to give a thrilling experience to all young motosport enthusiasts. 5€/5 minutes

Fireworks show

Saturday night right after the MX finals there will be spectacular pyrotechnic show launched into the sky for you to enjoy.

mountain track

At the only mountain car track in the Baltics, we will pull you to the top of the hill with a ski lift, so that you can descend on the track on the side of them mountain, powered by nothing but gravity. High-precision timing system enables you to compete with your friends. Price: 7€/2 runs, 15€/5 runs.

LIVE performers

On Friday in the part tent - DJ Andres Uibo (Pühamüristus) and legendary band Terminator LIVE. On Saturday, right after the fireworks, A.Le Coq drum carnival show leads all the action from the night cross arena to the party tent, where after the price ceremony you can go totally wild with Ziggy Wild Live concert.